Title 44--Emergency Management and Assistance


7 General statements of policy [Reserved]
1 Rulemaking; policy and procedures
2 Organization, functions, and delegations of authority
3 [Reserved]
5 Production or disclosure of information
6 Implementation of the Privacy Act of 1974
7 Nondiscrimination in federally-assisted programs (FEMA Reg. 5)
8 National security information
9 Floodplain management and protection of wetlands
10 Environmental considerations
11 Claims
12 Advisory committees
13 Uniform administrative requirements for grants and cooperative agreements to State and local governments
14 Administration of grants: Audits of State and local governments
15 Conduct at the Mt. Weather Emergency Assistance Center and at the National Emergency Training Center
16 Enforcement of nondiscrimination on the basis of handicap in programs or activities conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
17 Governmentwide debarment and suspension (nonprocurement) and governmentwide requirements for drug-free workplace (grants)
18 New restrictions on lobbying
19-24 [Reserved]
25 Uniform relocation assistance and real property acquisition for Federal and federally assisted programs
26-49 [Reserved]
50-54 [Reserved]
55-58 [Reserved]
59 General provisions
60 Criteria for land management and use
61 Insurance coverage and rates
62 Sale of insurance and adjustment of claims
63 Implementation of section 1306(c) of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968
64 Communities eligible for the sale of insurance
65 Identification and mapping of special hazard areas
66 Consultation with local officials
67 Appeals from proposed flood elevation determinations
68 Administrative hearing procedures
69 [Reserved]
70 Procedure for map correction
71 Implementation of coastal barrier legislation
72 Procedures and fees for processing map changes
73 Implementation of section 1316 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968
74 [Reserved]
75 Exemption of State-owned properties under self-insurance plan
76-77 [Reserved]
78 Flood mitigation assistance
79 [Reserved]
80-149 [Reserved]
150 Public safety awards to public safety officers
151 Reimbursement for costs of firefighting on Federal property
152-199 [Reserved]
200-201 [Reserved]
206 Federal Disaster Assistance for disasters declared on or after November 23, 1988
207-299 [Reserved]
300 Disaster preparedness assistance
301 [Reserved]
302 Civil defense-State and local Emergency Management Assistance Program (EMA)
303 [Reserved]
304 Consolidated grants to insular areas
305-311 [Reserved]
312 Use of civil defense personnel, materials, and facilities for natural disaster purposes
313-320 [Reserved]
321 Maintenance of the mobilization base (Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Maritime Administration)
323 Guidance on priority use of resources in immediate post attack period (DMO-4)
324-325 [Reserved]
327 Policy on use of Government-owned industrial plant equipment by private industry (DMO-10A)
328 [Reserved]
329 Use of priorities and allocation authority for Federal supply classification (FSC) common use items (DMO-12)
330 Policy guidance and delegation of authorities for use of priorities and allocations to maximize domestic energy supplies in accordance with subsection 101(c) of the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (DMO-13)
331 Preservation of the mobilization base through the placement of procurement and facilities in labor surplus areas
332 Voluntary agreements under section 708 of the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended
333 [Reserved]
334 Graduated mobilization response
335-349 [Reserved]
350 Review and approval of State and local radiological emergency plans and preparedness
351 Radiological emergency planning and preparedness
352 Commercial Nuclear Power Plants: Emergency Preparedness Planning
353 Fee for services in support, review and approval of State and local government or licensee radiological emergency plans and preparedness
354 Fee for services to support FEMA'S offsite Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program
355-359 [Reserved]
360 State assistance programs for training and education in comprehensive emergency management
361 National earthquake hazards reduction assistance to State and local governments
362 Criteria for acceptance of gifts, bequests, or services
363-399 [Reserved]

401 Shipping restrictions (T-1)
402 Shipments on American flag ships and aircraft (T-1, Int. 1)
403 Shipping restrictions; North Korea and the Communist-controlled area of Vietnam (T-2)
404-499 [Reserved]